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Gut Oggau, Oggau

Remarkable ambience, outstanding biodynamic wines, and a small but excellent assortment of wine-tavern fare: this has proved a winning combination for the Gut Oggau — which has even been featured at a San Francisco museum

The ”wine family” of Gut Oggau consists of nine members. Their names: Theodora, Winifred, Timotheus, Atanasius, Emmeran, Joschuari, Mechthild, Bertoldi, and Wiltrude. What is special about them is: they were not only produced according to stringent organic criteria, but they also are so attractive that they were featured in the exhibition ”Design & Wine” at San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art!
But not to fear: one doesn’t need to fly across the ocean in order to taste them; one only has to drive to the town of Oggau in Burgenland. Behind the ancient walls of this venerable wine estate, Stephanie Tscheppe-Eselböck (from the well known restaurateur family!) and Eduard Tscheppe (from the famous Styrian winery!) run their chic ”Heuriger” and wine shop. Charming: the lovingly decorated courtyard with large tables, comfortable benches, floral-patterned and lace cushions, an atmospheric cellar, and a former garage in which one can dine at a wooden boat table converted into a table. Delicious: smoked pork, delectable spreads, rolls, black pudding, and pâtés from the region as well as the nearly legendary lamb bratwurst and the Oggau ”Feuerfleck” — crispy pita bread with bacon, cheese, and onion. Great for young guests: Max and Moritz, the pair of goats in the miniature petting zoo, and the great deal of space for playing and simply having fun.