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Austria's Wine Country

Austria’s wine regions are both beautiful and easy to visit. In fact, once you step off the plane in Vienna, you have already arrived in one of the world’s most unique wine regions. Vienna. Then about one hour south east of Vienna lies the Burgenland, and one hour west of Vienna is the region of Lower Austria with many beautiful valleys. Many of them along the Danube.

Austria's Wine Regions

Weingebiet Wien © Österreich Weinmarketing Weingebiet Wien © Österreich Weinmarketing

Vienna's world class Vineyards

No other country can lay claim to so much viticulture and wine culture in its capital city. Grapes were cultivated here as early as 1132 AD and it’s now “in” to drink Viennese wine.
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Wachau Vineyards © Österreich Werbung/Himsl Wachau Vineyards © Österreich Werbung/Himsl

Wine in Lower Austria

Lower Austria's most famous wine region - the Wachau valley - is defenitely a must-visit for any wine lover visiting Austria. But even besides the beautiful vineyards along the Danube the province has a lot to offer to oenophiles in training.
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Vineyards in Burgenland © Österreich Werbung, Popp G. Vineyards in Burgenland © Österreich Werbung, Popp G.

Wine in Burgenland

Barely an hour's drive from Vienna, Burgenland offers innovative vintners, chefs and artists determined to both preserve wonderful old traditions, and breathe new life into them. It is a noticeably warmer region, hence the array of white, sweet and red wines, all-thriving in a climate stabilized by the striking Lake Neusiedl.
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Terroir experience © Symbol Schiffer Terroir experience © Symbol Schiffer

Wine in Styria

Take a trip to the southern Austrian state of Styria and discover countless wine oases. Many wineries offer visitors surprisingly chic tasting rooms. Sauvignon Blanc, the region's signature grape, is often harvested on impossibly steep slopes of slippery schist and shale soils.
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Weingärten bei Kitzeck in der Südsteiermark © Österreich Werbung / Himsl Weingärten bei Kitzeck in der Südsteiermark © Österreich Werbung / Himsl

Itineraries through the Austrian Wine Country

If you want to discover Autria's wine regions, follow us on these itineraries that will take you to the best vineyards and cellars in Vienna, Lower Austria, Burgenland and Styria.

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Austrian Wine in Australia

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Wines from Austria

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