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Driving in Austria is uncomplicated and offers the greatest flexibility and freedom: you explore at your own pace. Roads are well maintained, whether you select a superhighway or a meandering byway. However there are a few rules you need to be aware of...

An international drivers license is required and can easily be obtained from your local auto club. The major internationally known rental companies are represented in Austria as are a range of European firms. Many credit cards offer free supplemental rental car insurance, which might let you save on optional car insurance. Check with your credit card company.

Mandatory Winter Equipment:
In winter conditions the use of four winter tires or snow chains on at least two tires (restrictions apply) is mandatory in Austria between 1 November and 15 April. You can find further information here.

Reflective Safety Vest
Drivers are required to carry a Reflective Safety Vest in their car at all times. This new regulation is required by law and is subject to heavy fines. Please check with your car rental company before entering Austria to ensure a Reflective Safety Vest is located in the car.

Toll stickers are required on all vehicles on Austria's motorways and highways!
Stickers can be obtained from the Austrian Automobile Clubs as well as post offices, sundries and gasoline stations. Please note that stickers are also available in Austria's neighboring countries at gasoline stations, at borders as well as Automobile clubs.

The following fees apply:

  • A twelve-months sticker for private cars amd motorhomes weighing up to 3.5 tons is € 84.40 and for motorcycles € 33.60
  • A two-months sticker for travel to and through Austria is € 25.30  for private cars and motorhomes up to 3.5 t
  • A 10-day sticker for cars and vehicles up to and incl. 3.5t is € 8.70

These stickers must be stuck on the upper middle or left side of the windshield. Motorists who do not stick the appropriate Vignette on the inside of the windshiled will have to pay a fine of € 300 (up to € 3,000). Cars rented in neighboring countries may or may not be equipped with the sticker. Please obtain one from your car rental agency.
If you would like to find out more about the toll stickers, please visit

Driving through Austria with a vehicle exeeding 3,5 t?
If you are driving through Austria with a vehicle that has a maximum permissible gross weight of over 3.5t , you need to obtain a Go Box.This toll tariff system is based on emission categories and will apply on all Austrian motorways and expressways.

Find more information about the Go Box on

Traffic Regulationsdents
The speed limits are 100 km/h on freeways (Bundesstraße) and 130 km/h on highways (Autobahn). In residential and urban areas, the speed limit is usually set at 50 km/h, unless posted otherwise.

Drink Driving and Traffic Accidents
Driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is severely punished. The minimum fine is approx. € 360, and loss of driver's license. The maximum limit of blood-alcohol level is 0.05.

All traffic accidents involving personal injury must be reported immediately to police. Accidents involving property damage must be reported only when the identity of the other party cannot be established.


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Highway Toll Sticker

Please be advised: Toll stickers are required on all vehicles on Austria's highways!

Learn more about the toll sticker

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