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Bett © Almdorf Seinerzeit

Almdorf Seinerzeit

Holidays in a mountain hut? Behind the authentic Alpine ambience of the Almdorf Seinerzeit, perched high up in Carinthia’s Nockberge, guests encounter a great deal of privacy and even more luxury.
Twenty-one freestanding Alpine huts, four "Imperial Hunting Lodges", and three Chalets with private saunas and steaming hot tubs right outside the door - the Almdorf Seinerzeit, located at 1,400 metres above sea level, is like something right out of a fairytale. In winter snow falls outside while inside the fire crackles in the hearth. And while you are still enjoying forty more winks in the morning, your host is downstairs firing up the wood stove and fixing breakfast. Later you visit the "House of the Senses" for an aromatic hay bath, relax in the spacious Panorama Sauna with views of the mountain peaks across the valley, or just sit and watch the kids ice-skate on the frozen village pond. And in the evening you can enjoy a fine meal at the picturesque Restaurant Fellacher, which serves only products from the neighbouring farms, or dine in the "Holzknechthütte", known as the smallest restaurant in the world, which can accommodate only two guests and the cook. In the summer, as well, the Almdorf becomes your homeland for a short time. You experience a revival of the senses, a reduction to what is truly important. Smelling hay, feeling the air, and finding tranquillity. Simply being.


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