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Augustiner Braustüberl

Carl Zuckmayer refers to this place in his memoirs, as do countless other celebrities, who have drunk this or that glassful at the Braustüberl. They did so for a good reason.
This beer restaurant from the 17th century is not merely the largest in Austria (the ensemble of rooms and vaulted niches cover about 5,000 square meters of interior space, plus a huge guest garden for 1,500 guests), but is also a very special oasis of quality. The beer has been made “by hand” in accordance with age-old brewing principles, then filled into special wood casks for the Braustüberl, from which they are then drawn on tap. A suitable snack to go with the beverage is then fetched by each guest at the “Ladenstrasse”, which is housed in a porticoed old lane.

Auguster Bräustüberl
Lindhofstrasse 7
5020 Salzburg

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