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Terrasse © Bittermann Vinarium

Bittermann Vinarium in Göttlesbrunn

The so-called bittermann vinarium is a modern country inn: within age-old walls awaits a true land of plenty for all those who love to eat and drink well.

Adi Bittermann, the patron who is also the chef, together with his wife Bettina, who runs the restaurant and the vinotheque, climbed the airy heights of culinary glory in Vienna at the “Vickerls Lokal” restaurant. In Göttlesbrunn, they now have an ideal setting to spoil their guests with the very best. The former village school has been renovated and adapted in marvellous taste, a vinotheque of regional wines established on the upper floor (as a dignified station for the best Carnuntum reds in Burgenland).

On the ground floor, the pots and pans are happily singing all the day long: fonds, soups and sauces are the foundation of Adi Bittermann’s cuisine. Usually somewhere on the stove, a twelve-hour goulash is simmering away. The chef is a master of lights and pluck dishes and has brought about a renaissance of these old Viennese specialties. Yet in the domain of grand cuisine, he is equally at home. This jack-of-all-trades loves food most when it is hearty and aromatic, yet is capable of fulfilling all the subtle requisites of any style he zeros in on. Bettina Bittermann makes sure that your dishes are accompanied by the ideal wine choice, and also that each and every guest feels right at home from the moment of entry to the moment of sad farewell.

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The main purpose of the two main domains and is the promotion of Austria as a holiday destination.