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Weinviertel - Burg Falkenstein © Niederösterreich Werbung

Buchinger’s Inn “Zur Alten Schule”

The chef earned his spurs and his fame as legendary chef at Hotel Intercontinental in Vienna. Manfred Buchinger resaddled to establish a splendid Weinviertel country inn known instructively as “the old school”.
Ultimately, the time came when Manfred Buchinger simply wanted to hang up his metropolis-stained apron and exchange all the Grande Cuisine, world-imported ingredients and rarified atmosphere of a noble hotel for a different type of fine eating. He then founded the “Alte Schule” at Riedenthal, realizing his own concept of a country innkeeper: immediacy of products, unpretentious food, creative approaches to age-old specialties. Those are the three pillars on which Buchinger’s success rests. Nowadays takes immense pleasure in escorting guests into the world of his food, as for example in the context of the so-called “Running Weinviertel” when he serves up to 10 small dishes, accompanied by corresponding wines. Buchinger doesn’t bow to the big names in winemaking, but you can be sure that each and every month of May he presents wondrous newly discovered regional winemakers. In this rather unconventional ‘school’, you can savour sausage-doughnuts, boiled organic beef and succulent duck, yet also stimulating vegetable specialties. And it’s a joy to abide for awhile in the luscious atmosphere.

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The main purpose of the two main domains and is the promotion of Austria as a holiday destination.