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Strandbad Loretto Kärnten im Sommer © Kärnten Werbung / Tine Steinthaler

Carinthian Summer

The familiar and the unknown, the innovative and the traditional meet at the Carinthian Summer, a festival for new music.
That new music, if perfectly played, has the ability to captivate audiences has been demonstrated each year by the Carinthian Summer since its founding in 1969. Austrian premieres, composers in residence, and – as a central element of the festival – the performance of a church opera testify to the passion for innovation and experimentation of this festival, which has a knack for skilfully mixing the familiar with the unfamiliar: it is not unknown for a tango to find itself paired with an Austrian folk song. For the festival organizers, the dialogue between composers, performers, and audiences is a vital factor, as are the classes and events for and with children.
No less diverse than the event programme are the performance venues. Ossiach Abbey, which was built directly on the banks of Lake Ossiach in the 11th century and furnished magnificently in the Baroque period, the mountain church in Tiffen, Günther Domenig’s avant-garde Steinhaus, the Gothic church of St. Martin in Feldkirchen, the Glanegg castle ruins, and the Congress Center Villach – the “second home” of the festival – are the exciting locations.

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The main purpose of the two main domains and is the promotion of Austria as a holiday destination.