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Donaufestival Krems © Florian Schulte

Donaufestival Krems

A Festival of Flights of Fancy: the donaufestival Krems, held each April, is regarded as t h e festival for current artistic positions at the interface of performance and acoustic art, experimentation, pop, and subculture.

Easter is barely past when the donaufestival unpacks its surprises each year. The festival organizers give special emphasis to (yet) unknown artists and works as well as to a large number of productions created especially for the festival. But the event programme also features internationally known stars: Rufus Wainwright presented one of his new albums in Krems, the Melvins gave a legendary performance here, and in 2010 the Peaches introduced their techno punk to Austrian audiences. The Peaches also acted as a kind of curator for that festival, participating in the programming and bringing several of their artist friends to the event.

Mind-bending psychedelic music and ear-blasting sounds from the noise-rockers Sonic Youth are as much a part of the donaufestival as “discourse operettas”, music-film projects and experimental theatre. In all, the donaufestival guarantees a modern and unconventional programme of events that represents a refreshing departure from the mainstream.


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