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Fish Restaurant Sicher

For whoever has a yearning for the best fish you can eat, this restaurant is a safe-and-sure tip. Char and trout flip from the pond onto the table, as it were. And the char caviar from this house is known far and wide.
It all began in an age-old sawmill that Alfons and Erna Sicher bought in 1972 in order to transform it into a little eatery. And since sawmills are always located right next to a brook, the idea occurred to them that they might also begin to raise fish. After all, who doesn’t like to eat really fresh fish from clear, clean wellsprings of alpine water? The culinary quality and the innovative fish specialties, in particular the caviar of char which can be purchased in selected shops around the country, have brought this restaurant an outstanding reputation as one of the very best fish restaurants far and wide. The family sons are now running things, with Michael Sicher as the innovative spirit in the kitchen, and Wolfgang as maitre in the restaurant, also selecting the right wine to accompany the fish dishes. The products deployed, besides the fish, crabs, etc, even the quail eggs, herbs and vegetables, come by and large from the family’s own farm, or from the nearby region. Beyond that, Michael Sicher composes and concocts lovely dishes of crevettes with sweetpea-lasagna and fresh goat cheese or poached lake trout with couscous and caviar of char, for which the restaurant has already received so many accolades.

Restaurant Sicher
Muehlenweg 2
9121 Tainach
Tel +43 (0) 4239 2638

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