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Rezeption der Forsthofalm, SalzburgerLand © Forsthofalm


The mountains, peace and a little bit of luxury – vacation at the 4* resort Forsthofalm is a sensual experience, and an unusual one as well: the hotel was built entirely out of wood.
Did you know that it is scientifically proven that you experience a deeper, more peaceful and relaxed sleep in a room made of solid wood. Why? This is because your heartbeat is quieter and slower. This is one of the main reasons why the Forstalmhof is constructed entirely of wood. The massive wooden walls are free of any glue and metal and are held together by more than 70.000 wooden studs and therefore can be considered organic. Nevertheless the Forstalmhof is more than a resort built of wood – it offers a harmonic mixture of modern architecture, culinary highlights, wellness and nature. The generous rooms are furnished in a  modern design and some of them even offer their own drinking fountain. The Spa area is completely surrounded by tall glass windows. Therefore you experience a panoramic view of the beautiful surrounding mountains. In the cozy restaurant typical Austrian meals are served.


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