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Gourmet Fish Restaurant Kulmer in Birkfeld

Austria possesses an incomparable source of richness which few people are consciously aware of: clear, clean mountain water. At Fish Restaurant Kulmer, with its own fish breeding facilities, guests have benefited from this wealth for decades.

A long time ago, when Franz Kulmer senior designed and laid out his own trout breeding ponds, people simply referred to the ‘trout inn’, which in itself was unusual at the time. You ate top quality fish, and guests were willing to drive a long distance to enjoy it. Nowadays, the Kulmers call it, more nobly, a ‘fish restaurant’, and that, too, is correct, since it is no longer limited to trout.

What’s more, the cooking has become far more refined, to which a variety of gourmet guides enthusiastically attest. And yet, it has remained comfortable and relaxed all the while. The most recent renovations have even created a table-stove in the vaulted dining room, where fish can be prepared right at your table the way it used to be done. And besides that: a simple, sautéed trout is and always will be a delicacy at the top of the culinary rainbow that cannot really be improved upon, no matter what you try. use lots and lots of butter, which the Kulmers do. And incidentally, the organic fish products, including fish aspic and smoked fish, can be purchased and taken home with you.

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