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Restaurant © Döllerers Genusswelten

Gourmet & Inn Döllerer's Genusswelten

This golden star shines brilliantly. It comprises a gourmet restaurant, an inn (“Bürgerstube”), a fantastic vinotheque and a butchery with its own delicatessen.

Sometimes the urge strikes one to place oneself in the able hands of a master chef without necessarily enduring the whole  glamourous routine from aperitif to cognac. That’s when the right address is Döllerer’s Bürgerstube, for a roast chicken, a lamb from the Tauern region, bloodwurst dumplings, or even the super-simple, yet legendary, white sausages.

If you want to draw it out in the gourmet department, where son Andreas Döllerer performs acts of creative perfection, that is equally possible. Whoever doesn’t wish to go without the wonderful specialties from their delicatessen, from chutney to house sausage, even while they’re at home, an enjoyment package can even be ordered online.

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The main purpose of the two main domains and is the promotion of Austria as a holiday destination.