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Restaurant Joseph's, Bar ©

Joseph’s Lakeside Restaurant

Joseph’s, housed in Hotel Seevilla, is a perfect example of how to establish twinkle-toed, breath-of-fresh-air cuisine in a traditional hotel environment.

A tiny bar beneath the vaulted ceilings, modern tables and chairs circled around the tile stove, and a lakeside terrace from where you can watch the fish being angled out of Lake Wolfgang...or angle them yourselves. That is the stage setting on which patron Markus Lindenthaler and his chef-de-cuisine Christian Eisl celebrate a vibrant type of gourmet cuisine based on regional products. Fish from the Wolfgangsee plays a leading role, of course, as do other nearby products, such as lamb from the Tennengau. The wines are also not bit players, but bask in the limelight, as befits international wines from Italy, Germany and France. An additional plus point: the comfortable guest rooms await guests under the same roof.


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