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Kreuzwirt on Pössnitzberg

Gerhard Fuchs numbers among the greatest chefs as far as the eye can see. On the Pössnitzberg, nestled in a cluster of wine estate and tip-top hotel buildings, he has found the ideal backdrop to celebrate his art(s).
Style elements old and of new have been melded together at the Kreuzwirt (which has been an inn since ages past) to emerge as a bright, airy ambience where you simply cannot be distracted from the main attraction: pure enjoyment. Actually, you should concentrate solely on what arrives on your plate, so that you don’t overlook this or that subtle finery. Fact is, some of the dishes prepared here are served in phases, with accompanying, highly refined side dishes, so that you have to concentrate to see just what is unfolding before your very eyes (and palate). The foundations for all this are fetched (sometimes personally) from the surrounding forests and fields, or brought by local suppliers, with whom the chef has cordial (and demanding) relationships. In the kitchen itself, Remschnigg goat kid, Sulmtal capon and Weizklamm sheatfish are refined to their ultimate degree of excellence, which always remains light-footed, but delivers a wallop of concentrated aromas. For the finest in wine culture, the house owners deliver Styrian wines at their best. Erich and Walter Polz are known far and wide as suppliers of wine joys at their utmost, and the rooms they have at the ready are of equal excellence.

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