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Pannonian Living

Vacation on the sunny side of Austria. In the unusual and typical Pannonian accommodation life is at its glory.
Follow the sunny rhythm of the wonderful vineyards or villages with ancient "Steckhöfen" - a prevailing type of local farmhouses - and experience parts of regional nativeness. The establishments in the category "Pannonian Living" are simple, dignified and selected country typical accommodations with a highly aesthetic ambience. Thick ceiling beams, old wooden staircases and the white washed angled stonework in the courtyard of the avant-garde artist days "Halbturn" was in contrast the hunting lodge of Empress Maria Theresia where nowadays you may spend relaxing days in an imperial ambiance. But no matter if rural "Streckhof" or a vacation apartment in a castle all accommodations combine the beyond comparison typical Pannonian architecture, design and art of living. Every village tells its own story.

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The main purpose of the two main domains and is the promotion of Austria as a holiday destination.