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Gmunden © Kleine Historische Städte

Ramsaualm Laudachsee, Gmunden

High above Gmunden, at an elevation of 881 metres, stands the Ramsaualm Laudachsee. Official documents date it back to 1285, and in 2008, after lengthy renovations, it was reopened. What visitors can expect up on the mountain? Indescribably breathtaking panoramic vistas and, according to the proprietor, a bit of ”unkitschified Salzkammergut”.
”Good musicians don’t have to pay, a spot at the regulars’ table must be earned, French fries are not served, and the wait staff is dressed in traditional costume.” This may sound a bit severe, but in reality it is the recipe for success at the Ramsaualm Laudachsee. And it’s all about Alpine authenticity, plain and simple! For this reason only seasonal dishes from the region are served, and the ingredients all come from the farms of the region and are prepared on the kitchen’s ancient wood-burning stove. A perfect match to this food is the painstakingly restored original ambience with the pair of Baroque Gmunden tiled stoves, the rustic wooden benches and tables, and the carefully selected antiques. Within a very short time, this concept has won the Ramsaualm Laudachsee a permanent place in the hearts of hikers and gourmets — but only during the summer months, as the Ramsaualm Laudachsee is closed in winter. Very close to the hut, incidentally, is a parking lot that is accessible by public transport as well as by car. The city of Gmunden also has established a rental shop for e-bikes, which take some of the sweat out of biking in the mountains. Although a bit of sweating is not all bad; after all, one has to earn the crispy roast pork and delicious cabbage salad! Tip: be sure to check the current opening times, as they vary now that the cable railway is out of operation.

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