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Panorama Mondsee Irrsee © Tourismusverband Mondsee-Irrsee

Riesnerhof, Mondsee

Although a mere 2.5 kilometres separate the Westautobahn from the Riesnerhof, at this 200-year-old inn you will feel like you are in a different world — thanks to the stunning views, the friendly atmosphere, and the outstanding cuisine!
Even if the restaurants at motorway service areas have improved in recent years, they would not be the first choice of eateries for most people. So it is gratifying that there are alternatives for those in the know, such as the Riesnerhof, perched high up on a hill but still easily reached in just a few minutes from the Mondsee exit of the Westautobahn. Those in a hurry can enjoy a quick snack of beef salad, potato-sour cream spread, and cold roast pork, while diners with more time indulge in a spectacular multicourse feast of smoked-trout tartare, caramelized sheep cheese, lamb osso buco, or braised shoulder of veal. The kitchen turns out food that, while creative and sophisticated, is decidedly unfussy and unpretentious, served in the restaurant’s beautiful garden or the rustic, cosy dining rooms with panoramic views of the gorgeous surroundings. Chef Albert Geisshütter places great importance on the nearly exclusive use of ingredients raised or produced right at the Riesnerhof farm or in the region. All of the beef dishes served at the restaurant, for example, are made of organic beef from the farm’s Angus cows, while the trout comes from the fish ponds of the Landauer family, which owns the Riesnerhof.
Travellers who wish to extend their stopover at the Riesnerhof or who have tasted their way through the restaurant’s selection of schnapps and liqueurs, which are also made right on the premises, will appreciate the establishment’s two studio apartments available to guests. These accommodations, by the way, have been known to prompt some travellers to return to the Riesnerhof to spend a week-long holiday.

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