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The Rogner Bad in Blumau is much more than just a spa: this facility, designed by Friedensreich Hundertwasser, unites therapeutic springs, sauna worlds, a hotel, and a park to create a harmonious total work of art.

Roofs planted with grass and trees, round shapes, colourful façades, and golden domes make for a highly remarkable complex containing hotel suites and apartments. With these sculpture-like buildings and the equally extraordinary spa facility, Austrian architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser created the foundation for a constantly growing work of art.

Just in time for the thirteenth anniversary of the Blumau Spa, the sculpture of the water goddess has been completed – a galvanized-steel construction that depicts the body and hands, and which was filled with forty cubic metres of humus. It is now the ideal habitat for thousands of ivy plants, fat hens, chickweed, stonecrop and knotgrass. This living sculpture by André Heller fits in perfectly with its surroundings and with Hundertwasser’s motto: “Paradise is right around the corner”.

Luxuriate in Rogner Bad Blumau’s extraordinary Vulkania mineral spring and you will immediately understand what the artist meant. The natural brine content of this primeval sea elevates you and makes you weightless. Eleven different indoor and outdoor thermal pools make for a total water surface area of 2,724 square metres. The special massages and treatments offered in the spa area make use of natural curative products.


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