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Weingarten im Schilcherland © Tourismusverband Schilcherland Stainz-Reinischkogel


Supposedly time passes by slower in Schilcherland than anywhere else. At least this was claimed by people who spent some memorable time enjoying a glass of wine at a typical wine tavern a “Buschenschank“ right within the soft hills of south-western Styria and completely neglected time.
This is so called tradition! Already in the 4th century before Christ was the local grape-vine “Blauer Wildbacher” grown by the Celtic population in the area of Styria. Until today a special Rosé wine is produced from this very special grape. It dazzles (“schilchert”) in all different shades of red, tastes fruity and tangy and is only allowed to be produced in this area. The Schilcher grows in a picture perfect landscape where one deep green hill leads to the next one and the people live an interesting mix of traditional and modern lifestyles. Next to ancient farmhouses is state-of-the-art wine architecture and food like a typical “Brettljause” can be enjoyed at an idyllic located wine tavern as well as regional Avantgarde-cuisine. In addition to all this needs to be mentioned the mediterranean climate and an almost spirited handling of time – no wonder that this landscape is called the “Austrian Tuscany”.


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