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A celebration of creativity in September: in astrology, Trigon refers to a constellation. Creating connections across time and space is also the motto of the Trigonale, Carinthia’s festival of early music.
Beer-hall tables and benches filling the venerable Renaissance courtyard of the St. Veit town hall, candles burning on the tables and English and Irish beer flowing in rivers surprised guests in 2010 when they arrived to hear songs of the taverns and ale houses of seventeenth-century London. And, this being the Trigonale, the hearty musical fare was preceded at the same location by a programme of melancholy odes by Henry Purcell, under the title “Welcome to all the Pleasures”. It is not only the unconventional performance venues in St. Veit and vicinity that make the Trigonale such a special event, but also the astonishing creativity of the festival’s programmers. The library at the Baroque Ebenthal Castle, for example, which contains the world-famous “Ebenthal Lute Tablatures”, was chosen as the venue for a lute recital, and audiences congregate for a midnight concert in the mystical atmosphere of the church of Tanzenberg. In view of this much imagination on the part of the festival organizers it is no surprise that, because of numerous works commissioned by the festival, the Trigonale also offers plenty of contemporary music.

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The main purpose of the two main domains and is the promotion of Austria as a holiday destination.