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Terrasse Wagram Weritas / Niederösterreich © Jürgen Pistracher


The Austrian daily “Kurier” called it “Austria’s most beautiful regional wine shop”. The brainchild of local authorities and some forty top winemakers from Wagram, planned by the Viennese architectural team of “gerner°gerner plus”, and opened in September 2009, Weritas Wagram is a centre for the entire region.

The winegrowing area of Wagram now has the perfect setting and a pleasant ambience for celebrating the exceptional wines grown in Wagram’s loess soil. And it is precisely on the edge of a loess ledge that the new regional wine centre is perched, as an oblique-angled, shimmering, green-tinted glass box jutting out over the ground in front and back. And because it is virtually impossible to reconcile the tastes of forty-three winemakers when it comes to design, the architects decided to keep their design very simple.


What the various winemakers make from the raw product – the grapes – can be experienced with all one’s senses at the bar. And if you need to clear your head between the Riesling and Grüner Veltliner, head for the Weinbar’s adjoining terrace, affording spectacular views over the Wagram vineyards. But it is not only its dazzling architecture that makes the regional wine shop worth a visit: it also offers a great deal of space for culture, and as a tourism centre it is a stimulating presence in the region. Clubs and associations from the surrounding area already have a large number of events planned for the coming months, ensuring that there will be a vital connection between culture and architecture on into the future.

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