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Experience the magical atmosphere of Austria's culture and music performances and download a listing on classical music and cultural tours offered by Australian and New Zealand tour operators.

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Music is in the air - all over the world Austria enjoys a reputation as the “Land of music”. The classical tradition has always been carefully cultivated here – and it still lives on today.

Vienna, for example, was home to some of the most important composers in music history, such as Joseph Haydn, Franz Schubert or Gustav Mahler.

The “Vienna Boy's Choir” and the Vienna Philharmonic also call Austria's capital home. The world's oldest boy group performs some 300 concerts each year all over the world and the New Year’s Concert of the Philharmonic orchestra gets over a billion people worldwide waltzing into the New Year.

But it is not all about Vienna, there is - in fact an astonishing array of cultural highlights to be found throughout Austria.

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