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Bezau Beatz
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Every Tuesday evening from the end of July to the end of August the combination of a picturesque village backdrop and urban, cosmopolitan music awaits visitors to Bezau Beatz, the festival of the Bregenzerwald town of Bezau.

 © Bezau Tourismus
Modern wood-frame construction – recently featured at New York’s Museum of Modern Art – as well as farms, an intact environment, and glorious scenery are to be found in Vorarlberg’s Bregenzerwald. It is this special mixture of traditional and modern elements that provides the ideal breeding ground for a wide array of cultural initiatives and exquisite festivals in this rural area. One of these events is Bezau Beatz, where listeners on the village square are treated each summer to music from all over the world, including pop, classical, jazz, rock, avant-garde, and sounds from the region. Alfred Vogel, musician and energetic festival organizer, says: “We honour the old and welcome the new; we remain true to ourselves and our homeland.” Stars of today like the Wolfgang Muthspiel Trio meet greats of tomorrow, and the village square resonates with the sound of drums from Ghana, Caribbean world music, and Alpine brass bands. And an excursion out into the magnificent Alpine surroundings of Bezau is an absolute must.