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Premium Service - Railjet

It is faster, more modern and more comfortable than any other train service currently operated on the Austrian rail network.

Austrian Federal Railways © ÖBB/Harald Eisenberger

The ÖBB railjet connects all of Austria, as well as its neighbouring countries with interval trains. The 23 multiple-unit Railjet trains operate hourly on Austria’s Western rail axis between Vienna and Salzburg, taking passengers  from city centre to city centre in only 2 hours and 22 minutes, and further to Innsbruck, Bregenz and Zurich. From Munich it takes you via Vienna to Budapest and to Stuttgart, Mannheim and Frankfurt. With a maximum speed of 230 km/h, journey times are markedly reduced.

Since July 2012, the premium train of ÖBB is also running on the "Südbahn" line and takes you to Graz, Klagenfurt and Villach, too.  From December 2014 onwards, the railjet will furthermore take you from Graz to Vienna and on to Brno and Prague.

Enjoy rail travel with utmost comfort, premium service, free Wi-Fi, and ultimate consideration for the environment.