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Salzburg Marionette Theater

Discover the fascinating world of the Salzburg Marionette Theater and see for yourself how the master puppeteers bring to life the expertly carved puppets, captivating their audience with performances of The Sound of Music, Mozart Operas or Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

salzburg marionette theater © Salzburger Marionettentheater
salzburg marionette theater © Salzburger Marionettentheater
Salzburg Marionette Theater © Tourismus Salzburg GmbH
Salzburg Marionette Theater © Tourismus Salzburg GmbH

Who would have thought that in a world of YouTube and 3-D movies a puppet theater can still enthrall crowds? Yet, this is exactly what happens during every single performance at the Salzburg Marionette Theater, which exists since 1913 and is one of Salzburg’s most beloved traditions.

You barely have time to marvel at the small stage before you find yourself utterly fascinated with the life-like performances of these intricate puppets. With exceptional attention to detail and precision, puppets are created for every character in each production. If one character appears in different costumes, additional puppets are created for the same characters. As a result between 20 and 90 puppets appear on stage during any given show.

The Salzburg Marionette Theatre employs 12 puppeteers, trained in a wide variety of trades and professions. The puppeteers' training, which takes place exclusively in the theatre itself, demands just as much time and perseverance as learning to play a musical instrument. All this effort pays off when you have the pleasure to actually see one of their performances, and you feel as if you are suddenly part of the magic.