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Guests at this hotel can improve their wellbeing with an individually tailored programme. The future of your sustained good health lies in the Tirol.

Transformation happens slowly and, for best results, should be approached holistically, so even the architecture of the Lanserhof is designed to set you on the path to a healthier life: harmonious forms, natural materials, calming colours, seamless flooring and great attention to detail.  Dusseldorf architect Regina Dahmen-Ingenhoven has designed a futuristic 1,500 square metre medical, therapy and beauty centre in keeping with the medicine of the 21st century, which astonishes with its intelligence, originality and consistency.  From your first moment in the hotel, which is bathed in healing light, you sense you have entered a place of energy and rejuvenation, where your body can rediscover its own natural rhythm.  This Tirolean health hotel has earned a reputation over the last twenty years in the fields of regenerative and preventive medicine.  The gentle healing methods are based on a modern version of FX Mayr medicine, cutting edge science and transcultural therapies.


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