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Design Hotels in Vorarlberg

There are many design hotels in Vorarlberg, created by renowned architects. Discover the diversity of Vorarlberg at one of our recommended accommodations.

Inside Hotel Krone © Hotel Krone in Au
Hotel Post, Bezau
Innovative architecture designed and realized by the prestigious architect Oskar Leo Kaufmann for his sister and the hotel manager Susanne Kaufmann - this is the Hotel Post in Bezau. The old basement was topped with an event hall made of glass. The architects put two stories of five prefabricated modules onto this cube, serving as the hotel’s rooms. Each module comes with a private balcony, with floors and furniture made from solid wood, and the bathrooms separated from the bedrooms by a glass wall.

Hotel Krone, Au
The Hotel Krone in Au is often called a “picture-book inn” as it is located in the heart of the town, right next to the beautiful baroque church. The original building has undergone several reconstructions and expansions, the last of which dates from 1998. The hotel’s most characteristic feature is its curtain-like lamella façade which, when lit up at night, lends the exterior a three-dimensional look. The crude exterior is offset by a luxurious interior that features all the amenities of a modern 4* hotel.

Martinspark Hotel, Dornbirn
A ship’s belly seems to be floating above the entrance to the Martinspark Hotel Dornbirn. This construction is supported by four pillars covered in sheet copper with narrow bands of windows through which you can see the building’s steel constructions and restaurant. A connecting passage covered with wood slats gives access to the main building. In front of the hotel, at ground-level, is a rectangular box with the same wood slat paneling. This superstructure above the entrance to the underground car park holds meeting and conference rooms.

Hotel Adler, Warth
The original walls of the old Hotel Adler which was built in 1917 served as a starting point for the new design by Erich Strolz. The emphasis was on clean lines and simplicity which he accentuated with an unconventional yet understated wood façade. A few years later a glass extension was added containing 11 hotel apartments, two seminar rooms, a multi-use hall, a sun deck and a climbing wall. The new complex consists of a prefabricated construction of reinforced concrete with wood, glass and solar elements. The old and the new building are connected by a glass corridor.

Seehotel am Kaiserstrand, Lochau
Tastefully chosen colours, high-quality materials and light-filled interiors. The new face of this lakefront hotel is presented in a modern and timeless fashion, complimenting the building's dignified past. The Seehotel am Kaiserstrand started as a hotel 100 years ago before being used as barracks. It reopened as a hotel in 2010.