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Burgenland: The Stations of his Life

The Burgenland region offers visitors a treasure trail of stations of Austrian composer Joseph Haydn's life. Not to be missed are the Haydn-House and the famous Bergkirche in Eisenstadt.

Haydn-House Eisenstadt © Österreich Werbung / Markowitsch
Haydn-House Eisenstadt
Nowhere can the legacy of Joseph Haydn be felt stronger than at the magnificent baroque house in Joseph-Haydn-Gasse in Eisenstadt, where the composer lived from 1776 until 1788. Today the house is a museum known as the Haydn-House Eisenstadt which hosts a great exhibition on Haydn's life and works. Rooms and kitchen are equipped in period furniture and the exhibition shows original portraits of the master composer, as well as some special gems such as a pianoforte from 1780 and the Bergkirche organ table from 1797. First editions and early prints of select works ("The Creation") give a good overview of the composer’s musical development.

Haydn's Herb Garden
In addition to the house in Joseph-Haydn-Gasse, Haydn and his wife Anna Aloysia bought a so-called "kitchen garden" outside the city walls. Today Haydn's Herb Garden is neatly groomed and open to the public. The garden boasts a selection of herbs from the times of Haydn and offers a romantic setting for a relaxed afternoon.

The Bergkirche (Church of Joseph Haydn)
The Church of Joseph Haydn is one of the most important Haydn memorial sites. Haydn composed many of his masses for the so-called Bergkirche, and the church boasts one of the organs on which the master used to play. Joseph Haydn has his final resting place in a Mausoleum below the church’s north tower.

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