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The Sound of Music as Tracht Ambassador

Each year over 300,000 Sound of Music fans visit Salzburg. The story, songs and traditional attire worn by the von Trapp Family are responsible for the tireless hype.

Traditional Barrel © Österreich Werbung/Grieder

A cult musical in dirndl and lederhosen

Baroness Maria Augusta von Trapp wore a dirndl all of her life. Whether at home or on stage: the Tracht and the signature swept-up hairdo were definitely two of her "favourite things." Tracht is part of Austria's national identity, made famous worldwide – similar to the songs – by the Trapp Family. It is only natural that dirndl and lederhosen play the leading role in both the film and the stage show. After all, Tracht contributed significantly to the magic of The Sound of Music legend.

Salzburg Tracht on international stages

Nearly every photo of Maria von Trapp pictures her wearing a dirndl – she only wore a white gown to the wedding. Tracht is also worn by all of the singing family members during their historic appearances as the Trapp Family on the "Jedermann" stage of the Salzburg Festival. Baron von Trapp's close-fitting Loden suit was symbolic of his resolute decision not to accept anything but a free Austria without National Socialism. And whenever she returned to visit Salzburg, Maria von Trapp would stop to see her dirndl seamstress on the Dürrnberg for new dresses. The Trapp Family always bought the fabrics at Salzburger Heimatwerk. Not only were many fabrics sent to the Trapp Family Lodge in Vermont, USA, but a friendship also formed between the Trapps and Salzburg's Köhl and Reiser families.

An excursion through the world's Tracht capital

Wearing a dirndl or lederhosen in Salzburg is a sign of style and class. Whether worn to work, for a stroll across one of the popular markets or to attend the Salzburg Festival, Tracht is considered to be de rigueur in Salzburg - the metropolis for Tracht fashions in Europe. Boasting 30 Tracht producers and shops for both adults and children, the city is an unparalleled shopping El Dorado for aficionados of Alpine fashion. Even Salzburg visitors are fond of the dress code that is easy to adopt: a knit sweater with delicate embroidery, a fringed shawl or dirndl are not only popular souvenirs, but also an uncomplicated and authentic way to jazz up your travel outfit.