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Glühwein is enjoyed at traditional Christmas Markets or after a day on the Austrian slopes at one of the huts.

Christmas Market St. Wolfgang © Österreich Werbung, Fotograf: Peter Burgstaller
The secret to getting a great Glühwein is the right mixture of red wine, cinnamon stick, sugar, oranges and cloves.

Ingredients (serves 10):
2 bottles of good quality red wine
2 cups of water
6 cloves
2 cinnamon sticks
2 oranges - cut into bite-size pieces
oranges for decoration

How to make it:
Put all ingredients in a pot and bring it close to boil. For additional taste, cut 2 oranges into bite-size pieces and add to the wine. Let simmer. Remove clove and cinnamon stick before serving it into lightly pre-warmed glasses. Decorate glasses with an orange slice.

Enjoy and drink responsibly!