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Linz was the cultural capital of Europe in 2009 and remains one of Austria's most happening cities. The city moved purposefully in the direction of a modern, urban, liveable and culturally interesting centre. Get to know the colourful and exciting cultural scene.

Linz © TVB Linz, Presseamt Linz
Linz as the Cultural Capital of Europe. Not by chance! The metropolis on the Danube has undergone such a development as no other cultural destination in the country. Starting from a former blue collar and industrial city, Linz moved purposefully in the direction of a modern, urban, liveable and culturally interesting centre. High technology, environmental concern and contemporary art are important companions on this path. The cultural scene which evolved from this background turns out to be colourful and exciting.

By the blue Danube
Lentos, Linz. Glass, concrete, rooms flooded with light, a look-out terrace and a café-restaurant on the edge of the Danube: thanks to the Lentos, Linz has been enjoying since 2003, a suitable art museum, which distinguishes itself through its distinctive and coherent architecture.

The Lentos found its way into Linzer parlance a long time ago and is cynically, but lovingly, described as the shimmering bar. The facade changes its colour according to the weather. The unqualified stipulation of a Linz hotel keeper, the museum was to „just show popular exhibitions“, but that, sure enough, didn’t happen. Lentos is about quality, not populism. The exceptional architecture ensures the best possible presentation, controversy and development of art.

The art museum’s collection is comprehensive; the most significant are paintings from Klimt, Schiele and Kokoschka, as well as sculptures and graphics from Warhol, Haring and Export. In recent exhibitions the curators have shown no reservations regarding new media and future scenarios. In this way they bridge old and new, exhibition and collection, bar and art.

Lentos Kunstmuseum Linz
Ernst-Koref-Promenade 1
4020 Linz
Phone +43(0)732/7070/3600 bzw. 3614

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