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Admont Monastery
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A jewel of the Baroque era meets contemporary art. 70.000 restored books, ceiling frescoes and sculptures in Admont Monastery's magnificent library meet creations by names such as Erwin Wurm, Rudi Molacek and Lois Renner.

Admont Monastery Library © Österreich Werbung/Trumler
Admont Monastery not only has the world’s largest monastic library, but since 1997 it has increasingly concentrated on historic grown patronage of the church. With the museum of contemporary art, the monastery created a modern ambience for exhibitions of more than 100 artists, which are arranged by theme for alternating special exhibitions.

On top of the ongoing acquisitions, an artist of the residence programme invites artists from the younger or middle-aged generations to create a site-specific piece of art. These pieces of art created at the Residence are added to the monastery collection branded “Made for Admont”. The monastery received the Austrian Museum Award for this exceptional combination of high-ranked modern art with old cultural assets in 2005.

Admont is the oldest existing monastery in Styria. It was founded in 1074 by archbishop Gebhard of Salzburg, based on an endorsement by Saint Hemma of Gurk. The first monks came from St. Peter in Salzburg. Since its foundation in 1074, Admont Monastery has collected and preserved cultural goods. It is in this respect that the library has a special position, as one of Austria's most important cultural properties and one of Europe's largest late Baroque works of art. Perhaps a little overenthusiastically - but at the same quite justifiably - since the early 19th century Admont Monastery's library has been called the “eighth wonder of the world”.


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