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Grünau im Almtal
One of our Terrific Tips

Grünau im Almtal is as fresh and green as the name promises. Dense forests and tranquil lakes where you can find inner harmony and revel in nature’s treasures. A secret hideaway, not just for bird watchers.

Grünau im Almtal © Österreich Werbung / H.P. Graner

Grünau im Almtal

Grünau im Almtal on the map

Konrad Lorenz, the famous animal behaviourist, felt very much at home in this idyllic landscape. Grey geese, ravens, kingfishers and ibis have established themselves as free flying emblems of Grünau in the Almtal valley. The focal point of this wide, mainly densely wooded valley is the Almsee lake, and there are numerous wide trails and circular tours to be explored taking one to three hours around the lake and along the valley. The region also conceals other smaller lakes, ancient spiritual sites and beauty spots where you can take a break.  An ideal choice for a peaceful holiday in the midst of pristine nature and well located for excursions all over the Salzkammergut region.