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Kreuz Inn
One of our Terrific Tips

Not merely the farmer’s mountain bacon is homemade here. That’s why everything at the Kreuz in Reutte/Tirol tastes precisely the way it’s supposed to: delicious, genuine and original.

 © Kreuzwirt

For more than 200 years, this wayside station of hospitality has existed in the tiny village (population: 100) of Rieden near Reutte. It is a country inn the way it is written about in books. The precept is: meals made from their own products and from nearby farmers' produce. It results in hearty dishes of Tyrolean provenance, particularly in the noodles, all homemade of course. It is a deft reminder that South Tyrol, now a part of Italy, was an influential factor in the culinary evolution of this land. That ongoing cultural friendship is further enhanced by the many South Tyrolean wines awaiting your delectation in the cellar.