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Lobmeyr Shop and Glass Museum
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The former K&K purveyor to the court is well known all over the world for glass culture and light design. Nowadays the glass empire not only focuses on tradition, but also on the creations of young Austrian designers.

Tulipmania Collection © J. & L. LOBMEYR GmbH
In 1823 the glass business Lobmeyr was founded, located in the Kärntner Straße in Vienna. Today the factory and store are operated by the family's 6th generation, with clientele including Queen Elisabeth II and Elton John.

Lobmeyr is know for exploring the different ways of processing and creating glass to embrace its magic. Besides tradition - chandeliers and mouth-blown carafes - Lobmeyr is very involved with the young Austrian design scene. Brilliant young designers like the Viennese Lucky.D or the Polka Products duo have created bowls and carafes for Lobmeyr. The designer Miki Martinek was awarded the Adolf Loos State Award for Design in 2007 for her mouth-blown Lobmeyr wine glass made from Musselin glass.