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Restaurant Eckel
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If there was a superlative form for “good traditional cooking”, it would be “best traditional cooking”, and this term is the perfect description of the food at Restaurant Eckel, in Vienna’s Sievering neighbourhood.

Restaurant Eckel © Eckel

Vienna, Sieveringer Straße 46

Vienna, Sieveringer Straße 46 on the map
Restaurant Eckel has long been a Viennese culinary institution. This status was established as early as 1931, when the present owner's grandfather, Hans Eckel, wrote a classic work on Austrian cuisine called "What Shall I Cook Today?" And the restaurant has cemented its renown over the past decades by upholding the dual traditions of genuine hospitality and fine food.

But fine food does not have to mean regional food. At Eckel you can certainly enjoy traditional Austrian dishes such as minced-veal schnitzel with potato purée, which insiders say is the best in town, but there are also always a few lobster swimming around in the fish tank. This means that on the menu, regional classics like trout "au bleu", Esterházy-style roast joint and potato soup co-exist in perfect harmony with lobster cocktail, goose-liver terrine and breast of duck. In terms of the preparation, the chef is a classicist. He does not follow whatever trend happens to be the fashion; he just does what he does very well.

Just as legendary as the restaurant itself is Eckel's wine cellar. It contains not only top-notch Austrian wines, but also a wide range of Bordeaux, Burgundies and other outstanding vintages at very fair prices.