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Restaurant Rauch
One of our Terrific Tips

At the foot of the mighty Schattenburg fortress, Reinhard Rauch has built up his own little culinary kingdom, whose heartbeat is the ‘Rauch’ at city centre of the historic town.

 © Rauch

Feldkirch, Marktgasse 12 – 14

Feldkirch, Marktgasse 12 – 14 on the map
Inside these walls, the historic old Montfort city of Feldkirch seems quite urban, downright mondaine; it is rewarding to stroll through the porticoed old lanes past the historic bourgeois homes in the Marktgasse street, before retiring to the ‘Rauch' for a bit of sustenance. Once inside, you note that the world is buzzing with activity: breakfast, a mid-morning glass of wine, or dinner in the evening with a extended helix of courses. The cuisine is creative and emphatically light. Finest ingredients from the region are obligatory, accompanied by a bevy of wines from the Lake Constance region add a pleasant dot on the proverbial i of the wine list.