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The Steirereck Pogusch Country Inn
One of our Terrific Tips

On the Pogusch, where foxes and rabbits used to wave each other goodnight, celebrities and those who love the finer side of life now come from near and far to enjoy whatever is on the menu.

Pogusch Country Inn © Steirereck/Fam. Reitbauer
Family Reitbauer has become a legend in Austria, most of all through their gourmet restaurant in the national capital of Vienna, the Steirereck, but also because they have created a culinary wonderland in their home province of Styria with a motto that could be: everything is simple here; simply perfect.

On the outside, it appears to be a rustic mountain hut, and even the interior decoration (apart from the lovely washrooms) preserves that impression. Yet in fact this is a precision-run, well-oiled operation in which everything simply clicks. A traditional atmosphere, yes, but with high-end, regional cuisine.

This apparent contradiction is what makes the Pogusch Country Inn so popular. It goes without saying that the owners deploy the best that the nearby countryside can produce. There is fresh fish from the Turnauer Pond, Styrian capon (”best chicken on earth”), wild game from the local forests, and meat from their own farm. All around this inn, a complex infrastructure has been built up over the years, including romantic guest rooms in nearby farmhouses, available to those who wish to stay overnight. And those who seek a truly special experience can fly in from Bad Vöslau, south of Vienna, via helicopter, just in time for their meal.