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Tschebull Lakeside Restaurant
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For decades now, Tschebull has been known as a treasured jewel of Carinthia’s restaurant scene. It is even a monument, an institution, in matters of maintaining Alpine-Adriatic culinary traditions.

 © Helge Bauer

Egg am Faker See

Egg am Faker See on the map
Fusion cuisine, and whatever else might be 'in' at the moment, just bounces off the walls of this bastion of down-to-earth cuisine and disperses into nothingness. For decades, Tschebull Inn of the Tschemernjak family has been a well-anchored bulwark in the turbulences of ever-changing culinary trends and fashions. "Well being dishes", namely homesickness for the long forgotten culinary joys of yesteryear, that's what old Hans Tschemernjak wants to awaken in his guests. That means, there simply has to be a succulent roast chicken on the menu, as well as handmade Carinthian cheese noodles and a thick, juicy piece of beef from the oven, for those large-scale appetite days. Then, there is the subject of ducks, a specialty of the house, or marinated oxmeat, or homemade cream tortes on holidays, all of which makes amply clear that here, you have landed in a land of plenty. And because one can't consume it all at the same time, you can at least take some samplings home with you, in the form of duck liver paté, mountain bacon, marmelades and other delicacies.