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Postal Service & Telecommunications

Get information on postal rates and telephone coverage.Since 1490 was the first standardized postal service in Europe, between Innsbruck and Mechelen, Belgium.The Austrian postal corporation is legally autonomous since 1999 and is registered at the Commercial Court in Vienna.

Postal Service © Österreichische Post AG
Postal Rates:

From Austria to countries abroad there are 2 mailing possibilities:
"Priority" (fastest possible mailing)
"Economy” (cheaper, but takes longer)
and 2 distance zones - "Europe" and "World".
Standard letters up to 20g are mailed priority worldwide without any additional surcharges.

Rates for standard letters and postcards:

up to 20 g: € 0.65 for Europe, € 1.40 for World
up to 50 g: € 1.30 for Europe, € 2.05 for World

Economy (up to 50 g):
€ 1.15 for Europe, € 1.40 for World

For domestic mail there is no differentiation between "Priority" and "Economy".

Rates for standard letters up to 20 g and postcards
€ 0.55

Stamps are available at all post offices.

Mail boxes are painted yellow; red stripes indicate that they are also emptied on Sundays and public holidays.


Telekom Austria offers a broad range of tariffs.

For call boxes and card-operated pay phones of Telekom Austria there is only one local zone (entire federal state) and no time scale.
Calling cards are available at all post offices and in tobacconists' shops (Tabak Trafiken).

There are also a number of other providers in Austria, for fixed as well as mobile telephone networks, with varying tariffs.

Mobile telephones:
GSM mobiles can be brought along and may be used in Austria as well. There are GSM networks in the 900 MHz range and 1800 MHz range.
CB Radio Sets:
CB radio sets that have no more than 40 channels and do not have any other type of modulation other than FM, may be operated in Austria free of charge.

There are other restrictions with respect to other network facilities.