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A crazy village and a museum for inventions that nobody needs...quirky rather than certifiable. The Nonseum museum in Herrnbaumgarten exhibits 'inventions that make everyday life'.


  • Sleeping Bags for Bats © Nonseum / Sleeping Bags for Bats © Nonseum /
  • Foldable Toboggan © Nonseum / Foldable Toboggan © Nonseum /
  • Teabag Anchor © Nonseum / Teabag Anchor © Nonseum /

A small village at 212 metres altitude, just an hour’s drive from Vienna, is home to some very idiosyncratic inhabitants. Here in Herrnbaumgarten, near the Czech border and just behind the wine village of Poysdorf, people view the world from a novel perspective, veering happily between ironic  lateral thinking, friendly professionalism and benevolent misconception. The showpiece of this quirkiness is the Nonseum, a museum full of exhibits invented by eccentrics, from a heated garden gnome to finger nail guillotines and high heel protectors.

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