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Pumpkin Seed Oil © Steiermark Tourismus / Foto: Pixelmaker R. Sommerauer

Pelzmann Pumpkin Seed Oil

Pumpkin seed oil is known as the black gold of Southern Styria. Pumpkins were first imported by Christoph Columbus after discovering America. These days, a modest, family-run oil press has become the world’s biggest producer of this Austrian delicacy: Pelzmann.
They have been pressing pumpkin seed oil for more than 70 years at the Pelzmann press in the Southern Styrian village of Wagna. What began as a family business is now an international market leader, the traditional production secrets combined with high-tech modern methods.

To produce Styrian pumpkin seed oil, the husks are removed from the seeds of Styrian pumpkins. The seeds are roasted, which gives the oil its delicious nutty taste, a caramel aroma and intriguing green-black colour.

Pelzmann oil, a natural product from the first pressing, has no artificial ingredients added. This culinary speciality, which is a great example of Austria’s gourmet produce, is used for salads and soups. In more adventurous kitchens pumpkin seed oil is also added to desserts.

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