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There are many routes leading to pleasure on a walk through an Austrian vineyard, as the next wine tasting or tasty break is never far away.
When walking through vineyards, you should be prepared for the odd surprise or two. Here an inn offering traditionally welcoming hospitality, there a fantastic view - but in most cases, both together. It’s a place where healthy exercise can be combined so pleasurably with gastronomic delights. From wine-tasting to hearty meals such as the Speckjause and home-made pastries fresh from the oven. So it's no wonder that the wine regions of Vienna, Lower Austria, Burgenland and Styria have already become genuine insider tips for gourmet visitors.

Austria's Wine Country

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Find a Perfect Pairing

All kinds of Austrian wines complement a vast range of dishes. Find mouthwatering examples of perfect pairings here.


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