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Austria's Passion for Tradition and Nature

From yodelling in Vienna to birdwatching at the national park Neusiedlersee.

Barns Alpbachtal © Alpbachtal

Yodelling in Vienna?
Wiener Lieder

The local Viennese call it ‘Dudeln’ and its emergence came in the 1820s when choral groups from the Tirol introduced the respectable Viennese to the romance of the Alps. However, while a yodel is always performed vocally, the Viennese ‘Dudler’ is accompanied by instruments and often imbedded in a lyrical Viennese song. Another typical Viennese form of music enjoying a bit of a renaissance is ‘Schrammelmusik’. Attributed to two brothers, it’s recognisable for its characteristic ‘whining’ voice accompanied by a lively instrument ensemble. Some 200 Viennese songs are attributed to the Schrammel brothers.

 Farmstay Holidays in Austria
child alpbachtal
There's nothing to be afraid of on farmstay holidays in Austria - not the big tractors, or the old rooster, or the smell from the stables. Not the dirt or the dung in the sty! Your only worry is that you'll enjoy your visit so much that you will never want to leave. Large and modern or smaller and older, all farms are well maintained, very clean and cosy. There are tiled stoves in the parlour, barns where the hay is stored, fresh eggs from free-range hens, homemade apple juice, butter and milk. The whole family, especially children, will be able to learn what life on the farm is really like but don't worry, the farm owners will not be strict with you!

A Time-Honoured Piece of Clothing
bregenzerwaelder tracht

The traditional ‘Juppe’, the Bregenzerwald women's costume (tightly-pleated, high skirt, bodice, lavish sleeves, apron and decorative belt), is one of the oldest women‘s costumes found in the alpine region. From the mid-16th century, a wide-brimmed hat became part of the look, and in 1781 the famed artist Angelika Kauffman painted herself wearing the distinctive Juppe. Today, the Juppe is still being manufactured in one workshop in Riefensberg; it is always custom-made to fit the wearer, a one-off piece. Guided workshop tours available.

 Equine Therapy
st gerold vorarlberg
The Grosses Walsertal in Vorarlberg is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve where the motto is ‘use nature without harming it'. St.Gerold is a monastery in the heart of the valley and accommodates up to 60 guests. It aspires to be a place of communication, encounter and exchange - there are no TVs and horses play a very important role in physical therapy riding. Guests can also take part in workshops and seminars on subjects such as dance, Zen Buddhism and the Feldenkrais method (designed to promote well-being and reduce illness). Be sure to visit the nearby village of Marul, Austria's first all organic farming village. 


Birdwatching at the National Park

birdwatching löffler

Peace, space and tranquility – this is Burgenland. Experience a plethora of landscapes, flora, and fauna unheard of within such a small area anywhere else in Europe. The UNESCO-recognised Neusiedler See-Seewinkel National Park for instance, is home to varied habitats which include a shallow lake of steppes, lowland moor, reed beds, salt lakes, and small-surfaced sand dunes. A paradise for birdwatchers, the park is a stepping stone for many migratory birds on their flight from northern Europe to Africa. Over 300 documented species have been sighted here, including some not found anywhere else in on the continent.