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Meet the Burgenland Locals

A mild climate with over 300 days of sunshine per year, excellent terroirs and many centuries of viticultural experience make Burgenland a first class winegrowing region. On top of this, the famous Lake Neusiedl is home to 300 species of bird. So who better to ask about local life than a birdwatcher and a winemaker.

wildlife © Burgenland

Harald Grabenhofer
Birdwatcher local burgenland

The Neusiedler See region is  different from the rest of Austria. Because of the steppe, the reed belt, dozens of salt lakes and wet meadows it is a crucial stepping stone for the European-African bird migration flyway and is very important as a point for bird watching in Central Europe. The easily accessible habitats are perfect for birdwatching as about 320 species can be found here - more than anywhere else in Austria or Central Europe. The Bird Experience 2011 is a mixture of lectures, excursions and exhibitions and will take place from 15th to 17th April. The aim is to offer a thorough overview of the birdwatching industry and regional biodiversity to both beginners and experts. There'll be lectures and workshops on birds and bird observation is available as well as excursions to the protected areas at Lake Neusiedl, in Hanság on the Danube and Morava and in the Sopron Mountains. Don't miss it!

Andi Liegenfeld
The region of Lake Neusiedl is known as a unique wine region. The lake is a climate regulator and the Pannonian climate guarantees a high quality of wine - in the  winter, it's cold and has snow, in the summer, it's hot and humid - and due to the blazing sun, the evaporation of Lake Neusiedl is very high. 2,000 hours of sunshine, high humidity and an average of 550mm of rain per year provide climatically unique conditions for the production of premium wines. The white wines like Welschriesling convince with their gentle fruit nuances; full-bodied, elegant reds (such as Blaufränkisch, St. Laurent and Zweigelt) have helped to create an awareness for this region in the world of wine and win recognition in the blind taste tests. The unique conditions of the soil here (stony soil composed of sand and clay) also assists in  guaranteeing the success of a large variety of grapes.

From Darius Sanai's "Slow Down". Read the full article.