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Meet the City Folk

Combining the old, the new and the culinary. World-famous cities, sights and sounds for all. Thrilling Imperial crossroads in a deep valley. Meet the people who are lucky enough to live in Austria's top cities.

View over Graz © Graz Tourismus
Doris and Günther Huber
Restaurateurs, Landhauskeller
For us Graz is the most adorable city in the world and so wonderful to live in. It offers on one hand the perfect infrastructure of a big city but at the same time it is still like a little village. It is perfectly summarized by a quote from Hanns Koren, founder of the steirischer herbst festival - ‘Graz is small enough to meet anyone you would like to meet. And big enough to avoid those you don't want to see.
Gisela Zöpnek
Slow Food Pioneer, Schnabelweide
slow food pioneer
I was born and raised in my native city of Graz. I particularly like the  city because it is so family-friendly. When our four children were younger, we enjoyed the many green parks in the city. The  attractive surrounding area adds to a high quality of living. Now with four almost grown-up children we take advantage of the cultural and sporting activities Graz has to offer.
Inez Reichl-de Hoogh
City Guide
city guide
This city is even beautiful when it's raining! It is my aim to be a super guide, showing visitors why I like these old buildings so much, the fine art in the city and the people living here. After you have had a tour, Salzburg, with its very special character, should feel like yours too. I hope you will wish to come back next year!  
Stefanie Cammerlander
Owner, Strudel Café
strudel cafe owner
When I took over the Cafe Kröll from my mother five years ago, I knew I had to develop a new  product and new ideas. That creative process led to the Strudel Café which serves a myriad of sweet and savoury strudels. Using only regional and seasonal  products, we have become one of the ‘in' places to go in Innsbruck. I love the urban-alpine lifestyle which makes this city so special - mountains, city and lots of sports! 
Herby Signor
Owner, SʼCulinarium
In S'Culinarium, we serve 300 different flavours of brandy and liquors, Austrian ice wines, and many other culinary delights. I came to Innsbruck on a holiday 45 years ago from Vienna and I never left! The quality of life in this city is second to none. I shower in mineral water - it really is that clean - have fantastic mountains surrounding me, culture, nature and sports. What more could I possibly want?