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Meet the Montafon Locals

Montafon has 500 kilometres of walking trails and 800 kilometres of cycling routes, providing year round outdoor fun for its locals. We find out what a Montafon priest and a local hiking guide have to say about their home region.

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Monika Vonier
Hiking Guide
hiking guide montafon

I am passionate about mountains; walking and outdoor activities keep me young, both in the mind and body. Working in the mountains keeps me physically fit and whenever I am guiding a group of people through the mountains I don't just show them a couple of peaks and huts but try to open their eyes to the beauty, health, recreational and fitness benefits of the
woods and mountain pastures they are walking through. It's important that we learn not only how to profit from this environment but also how to respect it. We must protect the flora and fauna of this unique high mountain environment to ensure that the future generations experience the same ‘fountain of youth' that we are fortunate enough to enjoy today.

Joe Egle
Priest local of motafon

We are fortunate to live in a natural environment that offers many gifts to us. Not only are we able to experience many different outdoor activities here in Montafon, we also enjoy the natural produce that grows abundantly in the wild such as delicious berries and mushrooms as well as the natural medicinal benefits of wild herbs. Nature provides for our well-being and health but also for our indulgence. I am extremely grateful for this outdoor health centre and really enjoy my walks to collect herbs, which I use for
preparing my personal homoeopathic health products.