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Slow Down the Austrian Way

Crystal clear mountain air, beautiful natural scenery and a host of outdoor activities have made Austria a premier destination for spa and health breaks since the early 1800s.

Natural Kneipp © Österreich Werbung / Viennaslide

Austria's Spasrueckenmassage spa
Thermal waters that massage the skin, relaxation and rejuvenation for the body, and clear alpine air at the door. Did you know physical well-being could be this agreeable for body and soul?

The Classic Bicycle Ridetauernradweg

Europe's second longest river, the Danube, flows like a lifeline through Austria, drawing its ribbon-like path through Upper and Lower Austria, wending its way through highly diverse landscapes. For years, the most popular biking trail in Europe has been the one along the Danube and usually bikers start this scenic route in the town of Passau, also known as the ‘City of Three Rivers,' because the Danube is joined here by the Inn from the south and the Ilz from the north. From here, it gently descends, always close to the riverside, leading you through cities and dreamy villages, past fortress ruins, monasteries and convents. 

Natural Remedy
foot bath

The town of Scheffau in the Wilder Kaiser Mountain Range is totally unique in that it is dedicated to the legendary health philosophy of the pastor Sebastian Kneipp. Here you can experience the healing benefits of the Kneipp method, whereby through light, air, weather, diet, peace and exercise, illnesses can be eased or healed altogether and health maintained. But the dedication to the Kneipp method is not the only reason to visit Scheffau - there are also plenty of activities on offer here, including hiking, watersports, mountain-biking and golf, all which allow you to appreciate the stunning scenery in the heart of the impressive Kitzbühel Alps.

High-Altitude Healing
sellraintal in tirol

Summer can often mean allergies for many of us but you don't need to worry when visiting the village of Kühtai in the Stubai Alps in the Sellrain Valley. Because of its location at 2,000 metres, it has become a favourite place for allergy sufferers to visit. Enjoy stunning landscapes and hiking on trails through pollen free air and drink water from the crystal clear mountain springs. Visit the three lakes that are easy to get to on foot - the Finstertaler reservoir, Lake Plenderle and Lake Hirscheben. Just like the high performance athletes who train here in the highaltitude environment, you'll feel in optimum health after a visit here.