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Austria's Summer Highs

Austria might just steal the seasonal runway show with its recreational design, gorgeous colours, alpine proportions and cultural style. Put the layers away because, for now, winter’s ‘out’ and summer's ‘in’. Strut your stuff while hiking, biking or splashing, be pampered by welcoming hosts, and explore cities where culture's always in fashion.

Lunch on the Lackenalm © Österreich Werbung/ Peter Burgstaller
"After a fresh morning hike there is nothing better than a traditional breakfast on the mountain."
Peter Moser, Longtime Hiking Guide
Linz in Summer © Österreich Werbung/Peter Burgstaller
"It's utterly rewarding when my group tells me how much they enjoyed the tour, that I've taken them to places not to be found in guidebooks."
Inez Reichel-de Hoogh, City Guide
Vorarlberg in Summer © Österreich Werbung/Peter Burgstaller
"It's not just the landscape that provides me with the perfect shot, it's the architecture blending into the landscape with perfect harmony."
Peter Mathis, International Photographer
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